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Fastpitch Softball

Summer 2020 Fastpitch Registration Still Open for 8U, 10U and 12U

There are spots still open for 8U, 10U and 12U players for the Summer 2020 season.  

Summer Season Volunteer Requirement Reminder

Each family is required to complete 8 hours of volunteer time for the summer season or a $200 charge will be assessed at the end of the season.  Head coaches and named assistants (three per team) will meet their volunteer requirements through coaching.  Other volunteer opportunities include winter skills, try outs and tournaments.  ALL OTHER VOLUNTEER TRACKING IS DONE THROUGH DIBS ON THIS SITE.  If it isn't on DIBS, it doesn't count towards the required 8 hours.

The 8 hour requirement is per family, not per player, so if you have multiple players in the program the volunteer requirement would still be 8 hours total.

Also, this is specific to the Summer season as there will be other volunteer hours needed for the Fall season for those players participating in Fall.

Important Dates for Summer 2020 Season

Here are some dates to keep in mind for the Summer 2020 season.  PLEASE NOTE: Each team will add an additional two tournaments to the schedule below, so please coordinate with your coach for the final tournament schedule for 2020.  Most tournaments aren't announced until February or March, so the final schedule for your daughter's team may not be ready until then.


  • February 23rd - Start of Winter Skills
  • May 4th - 12U league games start
  • May 5th - 10U league games start
  • May 19th - 14U league games start
  • June 1st - 16U league games start
  • June 2nd - 18U league games start
  • June 19th-21st - A-Town Showdown, Andover Tournament
  • June 26th-28th - 10U and 12U State Qualifier
  • July 11th-12th - 14U, 16U and 18U State Qualifier
  • July 11th-12th - 8U, 12U State Tournament
  • July 18th-19th - 10U, 14U, 16U and 18U State
  • July 23rd-26th - NAFA Nationals (for those teams participating)
  • July 30th-August 2nd - Monsta Nationals (for those teams participating)

Heather Textor

Fastpitch Director