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Player Development


Early Bird pricing ends Thursday, July 16th at midnight

We are excited to announce our Spring Lake Park 3 on 3 Skills & Game Play starting this August! 

Who: Boys & Girls, 3rd grade - 12th grade

Friend requests accepted. List as many friends as you want to and we will do our best to get them all in the same POD. (See "POD" description below)

Schedule: TBD. In most cases, younger players will be scheduled earlier and older players will be scheduled later. 3:00 - 9:00

EARLY BIRD Registration ends at midnight on Thursday, July 16th. 
Cost: $65 per player
Shirts will arrive week 1
*Please bring a white t-shirt each week so we can avoid wearing pinnies.

Registration ends at midnight on Wednesday, July 29th. 
Cost : $75 per player
Shirts will arrive week 2
*Please bring a dark shirt week 1 & a white t-shirt all other weeks so we can avoid wearing pinnies.


Spring Lake Park High School
1100 81st Ave NE
Spring Lake Park, MN
Sundays: August 9, 16, 23 & 30 

Midwest 3 on 3 Home Page


1. Registrations will be done by individual player and not by team. If you had previously registered for an upcoming league as a team, that will be refunded and players will need to re-register individually.

2. Approximately 16-18 athletes of similar age, ability and gender will be assigned to a 'pod'. This pod of athletes will be scheduled for the same court and the same hour time slot each week. Friend requests will be accepted. List as many friends as you want to.

3.  The first 10-15 minutes will be spent on skills. Players should bring their own basketball.

4. The remaining time will be spent on game play. The players within the pod will be divided into teams and be allowed to choose a friend to be with.  The teams will play 3 on 3, 2 on 2 or 1 on 1 basketball games. With most groups, 90% of the game play will be 3 on 3. During the game play portion of the session, players will come into contact with other players within the pod.

5. All athletes will receive the same (dark colored) league t-shirt. Athletes should bring a white t-shirt as well. This will eliminate the need to use pinnies.

6. Parents, guardians & spectators will NOT be allowed in the facility at this time.

7. In general, younger players will be scheduled earlier and older players will be scheduled later. However we will accept schedule requests. The request will apply to all 4 weeks of the league.  If your schedule request conflicts with those of your friend requests, we will honor the time request and not the friend request.

2020 Husky Summer Challenge

Complete 10,000 (or 15,000) shots and 1,000 minutes of ball handling from April 15 until school starts in the Fall... that is it!  

You're invited to join the group 'Husky Summer Challenge 2020' on GroupMe. Click here to join:

Coach Miller will be sending out messages in the app. Every Sunday night you will submit your numbers for the week by posting a message in the GroupMe App.  There will be a new contest each week on Monday. The winner of each contest will receive a special prize in the mail!!  

If you still want to do the challenge but don’t want to be a part of the GroupMe App that is totally fine!  Here is the link to the Shot Chart

Reach 10,000 shots and 1,000 minutes of ball handling you will receive a shirt and be recognized at the Andover Husky Youth Night that takes place in December. 

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Miller at

The Lab Athletic

Opening for training starting June 1, 2020


Basketball Training Options

Group Training:

*Each session is 60 minutes long

  • Ameh (The Lab Athletic)
    • 1x per week = $100 per athlete per month
    • 2x per week = $160 per athlete per month
    • Small groups of 2-4 will be allowed
    • Contact Ameh directly ( with any training specific questions or to get on her schedule
    • Click HERE to register for basketball skills training with Ameh

Private Training:

Price is $40 per hour. Deals available when several sessions are purchased upfront. Please contact Ameh directly with questions and scheduling.

The Lab Athletic
"Create your own legacy"
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14216 Lincoln St NE Ham Lake, MN 55304 |(763)568-7580 |

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Midwest Basketball Training

We are offering smaller group classes for players of all skill level. Below is our schedule through the end of May.

Beginner Level Players 

Monday- 11am Ball Handling Basics 

Wednesday- 6pm Ball Handling Basics

Intermediate Level Players 

Monday 10am Rise and Grind 

Monday 7:15pm Intermediate Handles

Tuesday 11am  Intermediate Handles

Tuesday 11:30am 2 Ball Tuesday 

Tuesday 12:15pm Tennis Ball 

Wednesday 11am Intermediate Handles

Wednesday 7:15pm Intermediate Handles

Thursday 11:00am Triple Threat 

Thursday 11:30am Boot Camp 

Thursday 7:15pm Intermediate Handles

Friday 11am Footwork Friday 

Friday Noon Intermediate Handles 

Advanced Players 

Monday 8am Advanced Handles 

Tuesday Noon Advanced Handles 

Wednesday Noon Advanced Handles 

Wednesday 8pm Advanced Handles 

Thursday 8pm Advanced Handles 

Friday 1pm Advanced Handles 

Classes start at $6.99/class and include the recording. $5.99 for a package of 10 classes and $4.99/class for a package of 20 classes.

For more info and class descriptions visit our main home page. To sign up for a class visit the link below. 

MBT Class Schedule

We are excited to roll out some shooting classes coming soon along with our June training schedule. As an FYI, regardless of the stay at home order, we will continue to have a few online training classes on a weekly basis throughout the summer. 

Message from Andover Girls Head Basketball Coach- Blake Nichols


April is the official start of the "offseason" for basketball so I wanted to touch base with a couple different documents for the AGTBA players to use in the offseason to get better as players and to get ready for next season!

Our high school girls are using the theme "Kaizen" for the offseason. It is a word that means "steady improvement"...our hope is to get 1% better everyday for the next 7 months anyway possible! That doesn't just mean getting on a basketball court indoors for AAU or open gyms. Anything can get them 1% better. Jumping rope, stationary dribbling, form shooting, and much more! 

One of the documents is a "daily challenge" 5 days a week for the months of April through August. The challenges are quick and simple, but also great for the girls to get 1% better. The girls can certainly add more to these if they would like.

The other document is a made shot chart the girls can use for the offseason. The girls can print this off and record on it for each month! This is great to help them see their hard work and commitment and how it can help them grow as a player!

We plan on having our summer camp brochure sent out in the next week or so as well. I hope you and your family are healthy and doing well in all this craziness. Take care and reach out if you ever need anything!

Daily Challenge Document
Made Shot Chart

Blake Nicols
Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach: Andover High School 
Elementary Physical Education Teacher: Anoka-Hennepin School District

Gold Standard
Remember Your Why | Bring Max Effort | Own The Moment 
"There is more to life than basketball...but there is more to basketball than basketball."-Coach Doug Novak

The Lab Athletic: Basketball and Sports Performance Training

For current prescheduled training options, please review the options under the "Training Programs" tab. For private or semi-private training options, please send an email to

Why Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training (SPT) is training of the body and mind to prepare the athlete for the rigors of sports.  The benefits include: injury prevention, decreased wasted effort due to improper technique, increased postural control and balance, increased agility, coordination, speed, strength, and elevated maximum power output.

In contrast to personal training where the goal is to improve overall fitness and appearance, the goal of sports performance training is to enhance the athletes performance in competition to make them more successful in their chosen sport.  Using sound scientific principles and proven training techniques, we create customized and effective workout plans to increase athletic quickness, speed, agility, strength, and stamina.

Here are a few things that set us apart from standard strength and conditioning programs:

  1. We use a more disciplined scientific approach to training.  Our coaches are educated and certified specialists.

  2. We are technique orientated, focusing on proper mechanics and sound fundamentals.  We utilize a specific progression of training.  There is no “maxing out” , youth athletes should not being doing max weight.

  3. We limit class size to ensure more attention to each athlete and to be able to enforce proper technique and maintain control of class.

  4. We utilize integrated movements that focus on functional strength and neuromuscular efficiency, having the athletes work in all 3 planes of motion versus just one plane in which traditional strength and conditioning uses.

  5. We focus on safe, efficient and effective workouts.

Regardless to what sport your athlete plays, sport performance training will make your athlete more well rounded, versatile, functionally and mechanically sound all while increase speed, quickness and coordination.

The Lab Athletic
"Create your own legacy"
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14216 Lincoln St NE Ham Lake, MN 55304 |(763)568-7580 |

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