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Player Development

Summer Basketball Development Opportunities

Training with MBT 

Midwest Basketball Training just opened a brand new training facility in Brooklyn Park that specializes in shooting & ball handling. The facility has 3 state of the art Dr. Dish CT Shooting machines where players can get more than 500 shots up in just a 40 minute shooting training session followed by 15 minutes of ball handling. MBT is offering all Andover players a FREE Training Session to check it out. MBT also offers monthly training memberships for grades 4 – 12. Check out their 5k, 10k, and 20k make program above. Sign up for any membership by June 1 and have your initiation fee waived. Options include 1 training session / week, 2 training sessions / week and more! 


Summer Camps

Coach Pat is directing Midwest 3 on 3 Basketball Camps at Maple Grove Middle School this summer. 2021 Summer Camp Schedule    

July 19 - 20 HER Time To Play Camp (Girls Only) 

July 21 - 22 Midwest 3 on 3 Boys 2-Day Camp 

July 25 – 26 Mike Dunn Shooting Camp (Coming Soon) 

August 9 - 12 3v3 Full Day Camp

August 23 - 24 Boot Camp 

August 25 - 26 Shooting & Scoring Camp 

Use Code: YouthHoops and save $15 on any summer camp!


Midwest Basketball Training was also recently featured on the Bare’s Den Podcast talking youth hoops, training and 3 on 3. Check it out here: Apple Spotify. Any questions on membership, training or camps contact Pat Freeman:

The Lab Athletic

Individual Basketball Training Options

* TLA membership is required to work with any of our trainers. Get more information HERE

Group Training:

*Each session is 60 minutes long

  • Ameh (The Lab Athletic)
    • 1x per week = $100 per athlete per month
    • 2x per week = $160 per athlete per month
    • Contact Ameh directly ( with any training specific questions or to get on her schedule and discuss payment options

Private Training:

Price is $40 per hour. Deals available when several sessions are purchased upfront. Please contact Ameh directly with questions and scheduling.

Learn more about Ameh:

Small Group Training with MN Top Dawgs 

TLA membership is required for this training. If you are not a yet a member, but would like to get more information and/or register, click HERE! Having a membership gives you the added benefit of working on your new skills any time you want, with our 24/7 access (included with all of our memberships).


  • $190 per month for 2x per week 
  • $45 per session for those that want to pay per time


  • Ages 13+
    • 4:15-5:15pm M/W & T/Th
  • Ages 8-13
    • 6:30-7:30pm M/W & T/Th

Training Registration:

This is a perfect option for those that want to pair up basketball training with our Speed and Strength program. Combining skills training with speed and strength training back to back helps to build a more complete athlete.

The Lab Athletic
"Create your own legacy"
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14216 Lincoln St NE Ham Lake, MN 55304 |(763)568-7580 |

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The Lab Athletic: Basketball and Sports Performance Training

For current prescheduled training options, please review the options under the "Training Programs" tab. For private or semi-private training options, please send an email to

Why Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training (SPT) is training of the body and mind to prepare the athlete for the rigors of sports.  The benefits include: injury prevention, decreased wasted effort due to improper technique, increased postural control and balance, increased agility, coordination, speed, strength, and elevated maximum power output.

In contrast to personal training where the goal is to improve overall fitness and appearance, the goal of sports performance training is to enhance the athletes performance in competition to make them more successful in their chosen sport.  Using sound scientific principles and proven training techniques, we create customized and effective workout plans to increase athletic quickness, speed, agility, strength, and stamina.

Here are a few things that set us apart from standard strength and conditioning programs:

  1. We use a more disciplined scientific approach to training.  Our coaches are educated and certified specialists.

  2. We are technique orientated, focusing on proper mechanics and sound fundamentals.  We utilize a specific progression of training.  There is no “maxing out” , youth athletes should not being doing max weight.

  3. We limit class size to ensure more attention to each athlete and to be able to enforce proper technique and maintain control of class.

  4. We utilize integrated movements that focus on functional strength and neuromuscular efficiency, having the athletes work in all 3 planes of motion versus just one plane in which traditional strength and conditioning uses.

  5. We focus on safe, efficient and effective workouts.

Regardless to what sport your athlete plays, sport performance training will make your athlete more well rounded, versatile, functionally and mechanically sound all while increase speed, quickness and coordination.

The Lab Athletic
"Create your own legacy"
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14216 Lincoln St NE Ham Lake, MN 55304 |(763)568-7580 |

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