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Volleyball Information:

Girls' youth volleyball officially starts on Wed. Sept. 9th and ends at the AAA Jamboree on Saturday, Oct. 24.   Clinics/Practices will always be on M and W.  This year there will not be any crossover games w/ other associations. We have asked the Andover HS program to run clinics and put together competitive games to provide volleyball skill sets and competition. The inclusion of clinics means players might be able to participate w/o the worry of leaving a team short a player on a game day if they are absent since there are no league games.

The practice times will be consistent w/ grades 2, 3, and 4 practicing early (generally 6:30-7:20) and grades 5 & 6 practicing later (generally 7:30-8:30), but those could fluctuate a little based on gym time availability. Practices /Clinics are at either Rum River Elementary or Oakview MS. The registration fee is $85.

We are leaving the registration up a little longer this year since we do not have to account for a league game schedule, but for the purpose of putting together pods we would appreciate if you would sign your player up before we start on Sept. 9.

We will update the calendar on this website for times and locations by Sept. 1, 2020.

Heidi Fondurulia

In-House Youth Volleyball Coordinator

Phone: 612-718-5545

2020 Youth Volleyball Starts in