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Boys In-House Basketball Registration

Message from New AAA President Ernie Bedor

My name is Ernie Bedor. I am the new President of the Andover Athletic Association. I have been involved with the Association for over 20 years as a coach, basketball referee, and board member.  I have always been very proud to be a member of the association.  With childhood obesity  becoming a great concern, our Association offers a low cost, fun way for kids to get great exercise, meet new friends, and take the first steps toward living a richer, fuller life. They learn new skills. They learn how to deal with adversity, and how to work with other people. By experiencing failure and success, they learn resilience and gain confidence. So keep your child involved and get yourself involved. I always found coaching to be challenging and rewarding and I think you will too.     

Best Wishes,                                                                                                                                                                                 Ernie Bedor        

AAA's Mission Statement

Providing recreational youth sports programs that maximize fun, facilitate friendships and memories, provide equal opportunities regardless of ability, build respect and confidence, promote sportsmanship and teamwork and encourage physical fitness.

Fall Fastpitch Registration

Fall Ball registration is closed online and it looks like we will have two teams at 10U, two at 12U, one at 14U and two at 16U (one of which will be a 14/16 combo).

I am closing Fall Ball Registration on the site but we still have room for the following at each age level:

  • 12U - We have enough players for two teams but could use 2-3 more players to fill out rosters

If you are interested in signing up for one of the open spots please email me directly and we can discuss.

Here is some info on Fall Ball in case you have questions:

  • The start date varies but it's usually late August or early September.  It then runs 5-6 weeks.
  • Games are all on the weekend.  The first four weeks will all be on Sundays and the final tournament will be Saturday and Sunday.
  • Depending on the team, some teams will elect to pick up some single day Saturday tournaments as well if they have enough interest (those are an extra cost, usually $10-$15 per family for teams that elect to do those). 
  • Games will be played at multiple locations across the metro area
  • Practice nights will vary by team and will be based as much as possible on the players' availability.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Steve Williams

Fastpitch Director

2016 Fall Slowpitch Registration

Anyone can sign up for AAA Fall Ball.  Parents should use the school grade just completed (2015-16 school year) when answering that question.  Fall Ball is a good way for current players to get extra playing time in before school starts.  It is also a chance for kids to try slow pitch and see if they may want to play in 2017.

ALL players will register individually.  Registration closes July 23.  When registration is complete, the director will create teams randomly after honoring coach requests, and then balancing teams by players' grade level.  Since AAA slow pitch now creates teams by grade levels and there are less kids playing Fall Ball, the following playing brackets:

Grade K/1/2/3 Grade (may separate k/1 and 2/3 if enough interest) - Games Played on Tuesday Night

Grade 4/5 Grade - Games Played on Tuesday Night

Grade 6/7 Grade - Games Played on Thursday Night

Grade 8/9 Grade - Games Played on Thursday Night

Grade 10/12 Grade Games Played on Wednesday Night

NO fees are collected via the online registration.  Fees will be collected the first week of games.  The fee will be $30 per child and will include a Fall Ball T -shirt.

Each team will have 8 games scheduled.  No standings are kept and there is no tournament at the finish of Fall Ball.  The games will be played in the Month of August.

Interested in coaching?  Fall is a good time to try coaching.

Need to Change Your Email Address?

Many people find that they mistyped their email address when setting up their account, or have changed email addresses since creating the account, and can't figure out how to change the primary email address associated with the account.

Instructions for making these changes can be found here.

The instructions also cover how to add additional email addresses to your account in case you want multiple people to receive notices from us.